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Audio description

Audio description is a resource that translates images into words, expanding access to audiovisual content for blind or visually impaired people. It consists of a narrator who describes, during pauses in the dialogue, in a clear and concise way - and as long as it is not perceptible through hearing - the action, body language, facial expressions, settings and costumes. In the case of films that are not spoken in Portuguese, another narrator is in charge of reading the subtitles in Portuguese. The audio description is available pre-recorded and through headphones that are given to those who request it 15 minutes before the start of each session upon presentation of an identification document.

Interpretation Symbol in Portuguese Sign Language

Interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language

Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) is the form of communication used by a large part of the Deaf Community and is produced by movements of the hands, body and facial expressions, having its own vocabulary and grammar. The films' dialogues are translated and interpreted by an LGP interpreter and this resource is available pre-recorded.


Descriptive Captions

The Portuguese subtitles provided are descriptive so that people with hearing impairments can also enjoy the sessions. These subtitles include notes such as sounds relevant to the narrative or the identification of participants outside the image. More synthetic and adjusted in terms of reading time, these subtitles are also useful for children at the age of learning to read and foreigners with little command of the Portuguese language.

Symbol of Accessibility in physical space

Accessibility in physical space

Culturgest's outdoor and indoor space is prepared to receive people who use wheelchairs or who have some type of physical condition, whether temporary or permanent. It is possible to access the small auditorium independently via an elevator or request help from an assistant. Outside, next to the main entrance of the building, a vehicle is allowed to stop to facilitate the release of these passengers. On the side of the building there are two parking spaces for people with reduced mobility.

Relaxed Session Symbol

Relaxed Sessions

These are sessions that take place in a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and with more tolerant rules with regard to movement and noise in the room. It is aimed at all people and families who prefer or benefit from a more relaxed environment, families with young children (+3 years), people with sensory, social or communication impairments, people with autism spectrum conditions (ASD), including Asperger's syndrome, people with intellectual disabilities, children with attention deficit, people with Down syndrome, people with Tourette's syndrome and seniors in early stages of dementia. A week before the exhibition takes place, on the Ampla and Culturgest websites, and for each of the relaxed sessions, the visual history is made available - a document that contains detailed information about the space and content of the session, in order to help the public to prepare your participation and make the experience more pleasant.

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