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Direction: António Câmara Manuel, Rita Gonzalez

Production: Rita Gonzalez, Sofia Afonso

Administrative support: Ana Calheiros

Communication: Hugo Tornelo

Design: Ricardo Capote, Leonor Andrade

Motion Design: André Peixoto

Press office: The Square

Digital marketing: Fearless Zebra

Accessibility consultancy: Access Culture

Accessibility Partners: LIGA Foundation; Bengala Mágica - Association of parents, friends and family of blind children, young people and adults with low vision; Cultural Association of the Deaf of Amadora; APPDA Lisbon - Portuguese Association for Developmental Disorders and Autism

Acknowledgments: Alice Tornelo, Afonso Pescada, Catarina Ramalho, ETIC, Inês Ponte, Luana Piedade, Marta Braz, Marta Rema, Norberto Sousa, Pedro Costa (Portuguese Federation of Deaf Associations)

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