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Workshop (Culturgest, Room 1)

28 February, 18H00 (duration 2h)

Free entry (subject to capacity)

Inclusion in cinemas:

where does responsibility lie?

Guests: Inês Gonçalves (Actress), Sebastião Antunes (Musician), Ana Ribeiro (Art Educator), Pedro Borges (Midas Filmes), Rita Rio de Sousa (Castello Lopes Cinemas)

Leonor Silveira (Film and Audiovisual Institute)

Moderator: Joana Reais (Singer)

For many people, the decision to go to the cinema is simple. Essentially, you have to choose the day and the time. Is it the same for a visually impaired or deaf person? Can they see any film? In any cinema?


Aware that many people in Portugal are not allowed to develop the taste or habit of going to the cinema from a young age, we propose to reflect on the responsibility(s) for this continued exclusion and discrimination. We're bringing together cinema-goers (or possible cinema-goers...), distributors and exhibitors to discuss the reasons for these barriers and ways of overcoming them.

Co-Organisation: Acesso Cultura


Workshop (Culturgest, Room 1) 

02 March, 10H00-13H00 (in person)

Price: 20€

Introduction to Stopmotion

Stopmotion is an animation film technique that is accessible to anyone with a smartphone. In a relaxed atmosphere we'll try animating objects, plasticine shapes or even our own bodies using our mobile phones.



Presentation; Explanation of what animation is, showing some examples; Basic animation exercises; Pixelation; Transformation of plasticine shapes - making a very short animated film.


Materials needed:

Mobile phone


Mariana Ramos is a visual artist and cultural mediator. Master in Sculpture, FBAUL. Advanced course, Maumaus. She has a background in animated film, video, photography, dance and motion graphics. In 2013, she created the Open Drawing class project. Since 2000, she has collaborated with various cultural institutions, organising educational activities, especially with the C. Berardo Museum (now MAC-CCB). Berardo Museum (now MAC-CCB). He has exhibited regularly since 1999. In 2020 she received support from Dgartes with the Extremophilarum project, a collaboration with Catarina Nunes. She is currently developing the project Dobra - inflections of a plane on a body, supported by Dgartes. She has worked as a set designer on various projects by Sílvia Real and Pedro Ramos. In 2022, she published the book O que se faz no Museu? editions Liliput (Penguin Random House).


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